Monday, August 2, 2010

damn the catholic church to their own burning hell

I am consumed with rage at the latest shocker from the catholic church....Ok so we all know that priests have been abusing boys in the name of GOD for ever, we have even heard of them making supposed "apologies" to their victims, but try and change that apology into compensation and you watch those fucking pricks show their real colours...Apparently the latest way to get out of paying any type of compensation to their victims is this ; if you make a complaint against the church and if in your statement you mention that you have been sexually assaulted at any other time in your life then they(the catolic rapists) are arguing that they dont have to take responsibilty for your trama???? because now they are saying, and have won legal cases by arguing that the victim cant prove that it was their priests actions that caused the trauma that you are seeking compensation for!!!! What a load of fucking crap those fucking bastards raped and brutilised little boys who had been placed in their care!!!!! and on top of that, the catholic church is now sending out propaganda to their parishioners saying to the "faithful" that they are treating this issue of abuse with sensitivity, care, love and support for the victims. I DONT FUCKING THINK SO YOU LYING SLEAZY DISPICABLE FUCKWITS....entire country towns full of boys were fucked and drugged all in the name of god..the priests said to the boys "we are men of god so what we do to you is the will of god" those fucking sick fucks I seriously would not think twice about killing any one of these arseholes slowly and painfully and if that makes me bad and evil in your eyes then so be it..I am OK with that. Millions of lives ruined across the world and what do they do?? Do they genuinely try make amends for the immense damage they have they retraumatise their victims and fuck them all over again through the legal one case i know of the victim was abused by a lay person who's place he was taken to to be abused by his priest, but now because that abuse was done by someone outside of the church the whole case is stuffed because they(the catholic rapists) are arguing that the trauma this boy has experienced was possibly caused by that 1 outside incident and not whilst being ritualistically abused for years by priests at his school..... I mean c'mon what a crock of shit,how the fuck do these arguments get to fly????? the facts are there, ritualistic sexual abuse took place in the church at the alter, these kids were drugged by priests, they were fucked by priests, they were told it was god's will by priests.Every part of thire childhood was soiled,tainted taken and turned to shit by priests and these fuckers will not take any responsibility for it.In my opinion the catholic church should be made to pay and pay dearly for the damage that they have wantonly inflicted and are now trying to get out of....and thats why i hate the catholic church... Yep force men to wear dresses and make them celibate, yeah thats not a fucking recipe for disaster. And to think they try and tell us how we should live our lives, they want to teach all of us right from wrong..well get fucked you scum sucking slugs im just fine with my moral compass as is. I cannot believe that in this day of age that a religious entity can still have so much power. I cant believe that the legal system is so impotent. I cant believe that these haters can still be thought well of in some corners and that people want to pray or believe in a system that has caused so much pain and suffering world wide for so long. The catholic church should be outlawed as a violent cult, and you can fuck the idea of forgiveness i reckon the jews have it right eye for an eye and all that, yes yes i know all you hippy fuckwits will quote Gandi saying " an eye for an eye means everyone goes blind" well sorry but today, right now, I say, fuck you Gandi at least a blind priest would be easier to get away from and as for turning the other cheek, well i dont fucking think so, turn another cheek near a priest and im just as likely to be fucked up the arse!!!!

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  1. Dear Ali, Now that's what I call a blog. I couldn't have said it better myself. I would love to see all religion kicked out of the education system so's that kids have half a chance of learning to think for themselves on the religious front.