Monday, August 9, 2010

..ashamed to be human.... I may have mentioned in previous blogs, I am not a terribly judgemental person..mostly cause I want to get away with what I do without being judged, so I can excuse most behaviour, i have been refrred to as "the queen of justification" but along with wanting to root and sexually abuse children, I will never understand how or why anyone could or want to torture an animal..seriously what the fuck people???? What does this achieve??? A sense of power?? how???, what possible enjoyment could anyone possibly get from inflicting pain on an animal??????. I am sick to the stomach just thinkng about it, seriously you want to inflict that kind of pain, then I recommend self harming, taking up a nice smack habit, fuck murder the people who hurt you I really dont care but leave the kitty cats and the puppy dogs and all the other animals alone, shit hurt me if it will help...but be warned i'll fight back and you will feel that pain mutherfucka's!!!!!!

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